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Instant PDF

Produce press ready PDFs in a simple way

As from now Instant PDF is replaced by Connect YOU 11.

Connect YOU 11 replaces Instant PDF with expanded functionality and ease of use.

Connect YOU 11 offers an all-new easy-to-use method for creating, verifying and delivering consistent PDF file for the graphic arts.

Where Instant PDF ran as your hub for creating queues and processing files, Connect YOU 11 separates these functions through the creation of Connect Connectors . Connectors are self-running applications that contain everything needed so processing is less intrusive and more natural to use.

Converting from Instant PDF to Connect YOU

Connect YOU 11 offers an all-new easy-to-use method for creating, verifying and delivering consistent PDF file for the graphic arts. This page is designed to help Instant PDF customers learn the differences between using Instant PDF and Connect YOU.

It is highly recommended you watch the video first to see the major differences between the two products.

Page Contents:

  • Video: Connect YOU overview for Instant PDF users. 
  • What’s new in Connect YOU.
  • Migrating from Instant PDF to Connect YOU.
  • Additional learning resources.
Migrating from Instant PDF to Connect YOU Guide: download PDF.

Connect YOU overview for Instant PDF users:

What's new in Connect YOU?

Updated Compatibility

Connect YOU 11 works with all the current systems and applications popular in the graphic arts.

Support for MacOSX 10.8
Enfocus Connect now officially supports MacOSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion).

Support for Windows 8
Enfocus Connect now officially supports this operating system from Microsoft, both 32-bit and 64-bit running in 32-bit mode.

Support for Creative Suite 6
Enfocus Connect now has plug-in support for the InDesign and Illustrator 6.

PDF Queue Creation Enhancements

With Connect YOU 11 we increase the functionality while simplifying the set-up process.

Key features include:

Enhanced Connector Project management tools
Connect YOU 11 provides the capability to manage Connect Projects with Project Groups (folders) so you can keep your project type organized. Projects can be exported and imported for sharing with other Connect YOU users. In addition, any project can be designated as the default project from which all new projects are defined reducing repetitive setting input when creating new Connector Projects.

Note! Keep in mind, Connect Connector Projects are equivalent to PDF Queues in Instant PDF.

New delivery methods
Connect YOU 11 now supports delivery of job files to SFTP servers, HTTP servers, Email and the latest version of Enfocus Switch 11!

Deliver anything!
Connect YOU 11 goes beyond just PDF and allows delivery of any type of file including folders of files.

New built-in PDF creation.
Connect YOU 11 now includes the capability to define a virtual printer that uses a built-in Adobe® Normalizer to convert postscript to PDFs based on settings defined in an Adobe® PDF Preset — no more need for Distiller and you can utilize the industry standard for all your PDF creation needs from any application.

Simplified support for the Adobe® Creative Suite Creative Cloud.
The new Connect plug-ins for the Creative Suite products simplify access to the Connector while using the internal capabilities of Illustrator® and InDesign® to create high-quality PDFs.

New Electronic Job Tickets
Connect YOU 11 now provides custom XML, TXT, or CSV job tickets that can be used to submit customer and job data along with job files.

Enfocus PitStop 11 Supported
Connect YOU 11 now supports the PitStop 11 library.

Enfocus PitStop 11 Smart Preflight Support
Variable Sets from Pitstop 11 can now be used in conjunction with Job Tickets to define preflight variables.

Enhanced Preflight Controls over user experience
Connect YOU 11 offers additional control over the presentation of preflight results to users of the Connectors. Preflight reports can now be skipped for preview when jobs are processed.

Preflight visual identification
Connect YOU 11 now provides a simple text identifier option in the file name for when a PDF file passes preflight or fails the preflight process.

PDF creation local saving control
The capability to save a newly created PDF in a Connector can be disabled for the user of a Connector.

Delivery file size limit
A file size limit can be defined for any files being delivered.

Delivery E-mail notifications
Notification emails can be configured to external E-mail addresses when a job is successfully delivered with a Connector.

Migrating from Instant PDF to Connect YOU 11

Although Connect YOU 11 is an all new application and way of working over Instant PDF 10, migrating to Connect is easy.

General Category

Instant PDF Connect YOU 11
Queue Name Project Name – Definition Tab
Description Not supported
Minimum PDF Version Defined by the Adobe PDF Settings File used under the “Printer” tab, or defined by the Preflight profile defined under the “Preflight” tab.
Author Not supported
Color Management Enabled and defined under the Preflight tab.
Locking Not supported

Job Info

Instant PDF Connect YOU 11
File Name File names are automatically generated based on the incoming file. If a file is saved locally, the user has an opportunity to change the name and the save location. This behavior is similar to Instant PDF’s “Ask every time”.

PDF Creation

Instant PDF Connect YOU 11
Postscript to PDF PDF creation is found under the “Printer” tab. No selection of a Acrobat® Distiller version is required. Connect also always uses the Adobe® PDF Settings for PDF creation.
Output Options Output options are defined in the Adobe® PDF Presets or can be defined in a Preflight Profile or Action list.
QuarkXPress Support PDF generation from QuarkXPress is handled through direct export from XPress, or using the Virtual Printer defined under the “Printer” tab.
Creative Suite Support PDF generation from InDesign® or Illustrator is handled with Connect Plug-in’s. Settings for the PDF Export are defined in the selected Adobe® PDF Presets.
Virtual Printer Defined in the Print tab.
Mac OS X Not supported. Connect YOU 11 uses the internal Adobe® Normalizer for all postscript to PDF creation.
Existing File Under the “Delivery” tab you can “Allow non PDF files” to be processed in a connector. By default, postscript files (.ps) are converted to PDF if the Virtual Printer is enabled.


Instant PDF Connect YOU 11
Save Saving a created PDF can be disabled under the “Printer” tab. By default, Connect YOU 11 displays a standard “Save as” dialog, always using the incoming files name and automatically remembering the last location selected. There are no settings in Connect YOU 11 to define a specific “save” folder, or modify the name automatically.
Email Delivery by email is selected under the “Delivery” tab.
FTP Delivery by FTP is selected under the “Delivery” tab.
Enfocus Switch Delivery by Enfocus Switch is selected under the “Delivery” tab.

Four Things to remember:

  1. Instant PDF uses the main application as a hub to create queues and processing files. With Connect YOU, Connector projects MUST be Exported  to create a Connector.
  2. Set-up for PDF creation has been dramatically simplified in Connect YOU 11 to just a few simple settings using the Adobe® PDF Settings files (X.joboptions) for the actual PDF creations settings.
  3. There are three ways to access the PDF creation in a Connector. One is through the Print command and a virtual printer, another is through the Creative Suite Plug-ins, and the other is by drag and dropping a postscript file on a Connector.
  4. Connectors created with Connect YOU 11 will only work on the machine they were created on. You cannot share your Connect YOU 11 Connectors. You can however, share the Connect Projects that created the Connector with other Connect YOU or Connect ALL users so they can create one locally.

Additional resources

Instant PDF 10 System Requirements:

Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional or Home Edition SP2
Microsoft® Windows® Vista Home Premium, Business or Ultimate SP1
Microsoft® Windows® 7 Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate
64-bit compatible, except virtual printers (Note Instant PDF will always run in 32-bit

Mac OS® X v.10.4.11, 10.5, 10.6 & 10.7

PDF Creation
Direct PDF Export from:
QuarkXPress™ 7.0 & 8.0
Adobe® InDesign® CS3, CS4, CS5 & CS5.5
Adobe® Illustrator® CS3, CS4, CS5 & CS5.5 and Mac OS® X

XTension/Plug-ins provided for:
QuarkXPress™ 7.0
QuarkXPress™ 8.0
Adobe® InDesign® CS3
Adobe® InDesign® CS4
Adobe® InDesign® CS5
Adobe® InDesign® CS5.5
Adobe® Illustrator® CS3
Adobe® Illustrator® CS4
Adobe® Illustrator® CS5
Adobe® Illustrator® CS5.5
Adobe® Acrobat® 8.0
Adobe® Acrobat® 9.0
Adobe® Acrobat® X
Adobe® Reader® 8.0
Adobe® Reader® 9.0
Adobe® Reader® X

Minimum 512 MB of RAM (1 GB recommended)
1.024x768 screen resolution (1280 x 1024 recommended)

For the system requirements for previous Instant PDF versions click here.

Our products can be used on other systems at your own risk but we can't officially support them. Feedback can always be mailed to