PitStop Pro: PDF edit and preflight software

PitStop Pro

Preflight, automatically fix and edit PDF files in Adobe Acrobat.

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PitStop Pro is a plug-in for Adobe Acrobat that

Preflight PDF files

Checks your PDF file to see if it's fit for purpose, and gives you an understandable report when there are problems.

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Preflight PDF files

Automatically fixes the most common errors in your PDF files.

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Edit PDF files

Lets you manually edit almost everything in a PDF file without leaving Adobe Acrobat.

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Why use PitStop Pro?

PDF files can be painful to work with. Your customers don't deliver them as expected, they don't output as you want them to, and more than often you need to edit the PDF even though Adobe Acrobat doesn't support it. PitStop Pro is a plug-in for Adobe Acrobat that offers the solution to your problems. With PitStop Pro, checking and editing a PDF will be a piece of cake!

What customers say

PitStop Pro is the ultimate killer knife tool in my every day work and I find it unthinkable to work without it. And this new update is no exception to the rule.
I especially really like the
new selection and edition of the objects. So simple and so effective!

Axel Robert
Prepress & Graphic Chain quality manager at Ubisoft

Efficiency and accuracy are the factors that equal productivity - the new customizable shortcuts is a real advantage, now all my favorite tools and actions are just a keyboard click away- when the work is "flowing".. so am I!

Amy Menendez
Prepress specialist at BlueOcean Worldwide

PitStop PDF preflight detects and automatically fixes
the most common errors in PDF files

In PitStop Pro, you can set a preflight profile or use one of the many default profiles that ship with the plug-in. When you preflight a PDF file, PitStop will automatically create a clear report which tells you exactly what you need to do to get the file fit for purpose.

Examples of PitStop preflight reports

Classic PitStop Preflight reportThe classic PitStop preflight report gives you a simple and clear overview of the errors in the file, and the things that PitStop has automatically fixed for you.

PitStop preflight report with annotationsIf you want a report which highlights errors and fixes in your file, PitStop can generate a report with annotations straight into your PDF file.

Why preflight PDF files?

Why preflight PDF files? Checking the quality of PDF files before printing is absolutely essential, because what you see on the screen is not always what you get in print. Preflighting PDFs has become a common practice in the print industry. Today, more than 80% of printers make use of professional preflight tools. Since 1993, Enfocus PitStop Pro has always been the pioneer and industry standard PDF preflight tool. Want to learn more about preflighting? Check out our infographic: 10 reasons to preflight your PDF files.

PitStop Pro can edit just about anything in a PDF:

embed missing fonts in a PDF

Embed missing fonts

Don’t let missing fonts hold up your job! Download fonts from the cloud via the Monotype Baseline service.

convert fonts to outlines in PDF

Convert fonts to outlines

When you need to play it safe: convert fonts to outlines in PDFs using Enfocus PitStop!

changing fonts in a PDF

Change fonts in a PDF

Simply select the font you’d like to replace, and change the font in your PDF.

editing text in a PDF

Edit text in a PDF

No need to go back to the design application. With PitStop Pro you can edit text in a PDF.

cutting and pasting between PDF's

Cut & paste text between PDFs

Cut & paste, as well as PitStop’s other functions, give you an easier time of editing and repurposing all of your image assets.

resizing and reflowing text in PDFs

Resize and reflow text and images

PitStop Pro makes resizing PDF text and PDF text reflow possible in a PDF.

convert image color space in a PDF

Convert image color space

If images in a PDF are in the wrong color space, PitStop can convert them for you.

crop resize and move images in PDF's

Edit images

PitStop allows you to perform multiple image manipulations within a PDF.

place images in a PDF

Insert, remove and replace images

With PitStop Pro you can insert, change, and remove images inside a PDF.

Add or remove printer marks in a PDF

Add page numbers to a PDF

Add page numbers to your PDF with ease.

Check the image resolution in a PDF

Check the image resolution in a PDF

With PitStop Pro you can check if the resolution of the images in the PDF is high enough for its purpose.

Convert RGB images to CMYK in a PDF

Convert RGB images to CMYK in a PDF

Check if RGB images are present in a PDF file and automatically convert these RGB images to CMYK within Acrobat.

Detect and convert spot colors to CMYK

Detect and convert spot colors to CMYK

Convert spot colors to CMYK and vice versa in Acrobat.

Knockout white text in a PDF

Knockout white text in a PDF

Check if white elements are set to overprint and automatically fix them, so they knock out.

Edit images and gradients

  • Edit the tonal curve of any image in a PDF
  • Change brightness / contrast of any image in a PDF
  • Apply Unsharp Masking to images in a PDF

VIDEO: learn how to edit images with PitStop Pro

Download and embed missing fonts from the cloud

PitStop 12 gives you access to thousands of fonts in the cloudMissing fonts are the most common problem with PDF files. PDFs without fonts needed to be sent back to the client to replace or embed the missing font.
In PitStop 12 you can easily embed missing fonts from the cloud via the Monotype Baseline Platform.

VIDEO: see how PitStop embeds fonts from the cloud

Customize keyboard shortcuts

It's now possible to edit and customize the keyboard shortcuts for the majority of PitStop Pro menu items.

VIDEO: customize keyboard shortcuts in PitStop Pro 12

Say goodbye to page size limits

No more page size limits in PitStop ProThe PDF format is limited to 200x200 inches.
PitStop Pro 12 now supports the Page Scaling factor, allowing you to work with files as large as you want.

VIDEO: use wide-format page boxes in PitStop Pro 12

Improved selection and editing functionality

We have improved the way that PitStop Pro edits objects. In previous versions, if you wanted to carry out functions such as rotating, scaling or skewing objects you had to select different tool buttons. Now you can do all these changes in one go.

VIDEO: select and edit objects faster with PitStop Pro 12

Compatible with the latest operating systems

PitStop Pro 12 update 3 officially supports Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) and Windows 8.1.

Check out the system requirements for more details.

Other new features

There are a lot of new features in every PitStop update. Read the full Knowledge Base articles here:

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