Product Tutorials

Following is a collection of tutorials designed to help you learn the basics of working with PitStop Pro. The tutorials are designed to be done in order with each building off of the lessons learned in the previous tutorial.

Each tutorial includes:

Tutorials available are:

Name Description
PDF Editing Basics This tutorial will step you through some of the basic corrections you can make with the Enfocus Inspector including page size changes, color changes, type and more
Preflight and Certified PDF This tutorial will walk you through the basics of running a Preflight Profile on a PDF and certifying it for print production
Working with Global Changes This tutorial will show you how to use and modify a Global Change and apply it against a document
Working with Action Lists This tutorial will show you how to tie together a Preflight Profile and an Global change into a usable Action list
Using QuickRuns This tutorial will show you how to make QuickRun Macros for your common production work
Note: These tutorials assume PitStop Pro is installed within Acrobat X. If you're running PitStop Pro with earlier versions of Acrobat, the location of PitStop tools will be different.