Variable Set

Define variable values that can be overridden at the time of processing:

Example scenarios


Smart Preflight is a functionality that unlocks the full potential of a Preflight Profile to be able to check and also fix a PDF file. Without Smart Preflight a PitStop Pro user would need to create many different profiles to handle different job types and specifications, however with Smart Preflight this is no longer the case.

Smart Preflight does this by allowing users to define variable values that can overridden at the time of processing or a rule based check can be defined allowing other conditions in a job to affect the outcome for a specific check.

A Variable Set contains all your Smart Preflight variables that can be used within your Preflight Profiles. You can create more than one Variable Set and each set can have multiple variables defined. However, you can only run one "active" Variable Set at a time within PitStop Pro. It is recommended that you keep all your variables within one Variable Set unless you are also working with PitStop Server. There are two primary types of variables for PitStop Pro: