Given: PDF documents of booklets with creep

Suppose you have PDF documents of booklets that are almost press-ready. The pages are to be printed double-sided, folded and trimmed. You want to make sure that the page numbers, which are close to the edge of the page, do not get trimmed off. Indeed, when pages are folded for saddle-stitch binding, the printed area slightly moves outward. This is known as creep in the publishing world. The more pages in a booklet, the larger the shift of the area of the inner pages will be.

Figure 1. Creep moves the printed area of the inner pages outwards, which may cause page numbers near the outer edges of the pages to be trimmed off.

To compensate for this creep, you can create an Action List that does the following:

Figure 2. Changing the page layout: move the printed area of the inner pages (B and C) towards the binding to compensate for creep, but leave the first page (A) unchanged.