Where to find the PitStop Pro toolbars

You find the PitStop Pro toolbars next to or below the Adobe Acrobat toolbars. To show or hide an Enfocus toolbar, choose View > Toolbars, and then select a toolbar preceded by the word “Enfocus”, for example Enfocus Control Panels.

  1. Adobe Acrobat File toolbar

  2. Enfocus Edit toolbar

  3. Enfocus Workspace, View Settings and Color Management toolbar

  4. Enfocus Design Layout toolbar

  5. Enfocus QuickRun toolbar

  6. Enfocus Control Panels toolbar

  7. Enfocus Undo & Redo toolbar

You can select a tool by clicking the respective button. To the right of some of these buttons, you see a black inverted triangle, which means that there are more tools available “behind” this button.

To select one of the “underlying” editing tools, click the triangle and select the tool of your choice.

If you will use some of these “underlying” tools frequently, you can click the triangle and select the option Expand this button.