Checking for updated Specifications

If you have subscribed to one or more Specifications on, you can have PitStop Pro automatically check for updates. You will then be notified of changes to one or more of these Specifications and can be sure that you are using the latest versions. You can also specify the interval at which this check has to be done.

The status of a Specification you subscribed to is displayed in PitStop Pro through the button in the Adobe Acrobat Toolbar. The button changes color depending on the status: button color




All the Specifications you have subscribed to on are confirmed and haven’t changed since the last time you installed the files of these Specifications.


You have not registered on yet. Make sure you have a account and then choose Edit > Preferences > Enfocus Certified PDF Preferences > and fill in your User Name and Password.

Not confirmed

There are Specifications on to which you have subscribed but which have been changed in the mean time.

Go to and read the change note. If necessary, install the updated files and documentation of the Specification and click Confirm in the Actions column.