Content of a report

You can run an Action List or Preflight Profile to check and change your PDF document. If you do so, you can view a report of these actions. The report generated by PitStop Pro is also a PDF document. It can include the following sections:



Errors, Warnings & Fixes

(potential) problems according to the selected Preflight Profile and changes which have been made in the PDF document

General File Information

properties of the PDF document, such as PDF version, title, author, etc. and security information

Font Information

all fonts used in the PDF document, along with their attributes (type of font, embedded or subset, etc.)

Image Information

all images in the PDF document, along with additional information (for example physical and effective resolution, page, angle, custom color func­tions, etc.)

OPI Information

OPI usage in the PDF document

Color Information

all color spaces (RGB, CMYK, etc.) used in the PDF document, with addi­tional information where required

PDF2Go Information

information about layers in PDF2Go documents

See also Editing PDF2Go documents