Applying a Smart Preflight Variable

With your variables defined, applying them to your Preflight Profiles is simple. This section will describe how you can apply variables to the majority of the checks and fixes within a Preflight Profile.

Applying (activating) your Variable Set

From the Tool pallet in Acrobat, select PitStop Processes > Smart Preflight from the list of tools. Click Apply Variable Set from the sub menu and select your Variable Set to be used from the list.
Note: If you don't apply a Variable Set before editing a Preflight Profile, you will still have an opportunity to select your Variable Set when you activate and apply a variable to a specific check.

Applying a variable to a preflight check

Edit your Preflight Profile and select a check that will use a Smart Preflight variable. Click the Actions menu for that check and click Enable Variable Names to start using variables instead of fixed values.

Text boxes and check boxes that can have a variable applied will now show the variable button next to it.

To apply the variable check, click the variable button next to the preflight check. The Select a Variable dialog box will be displayed. This dialog will display all variables available for that type (i.e. Number, Length, String, or Boolean) of check. If the variable you need does not display, it's either entered in a different Variable Set, or it's not defined as the same "type" as the check you're applying it to.

To apply the variable, select it from the list and click the OK button. The name of the variable will display in the entry box or next to the checkbox it's applied.

Running Smart Preflight

Variables are designed to help reduce the number of Preflight Profiles needed for your work. When you run a Preflight Profile with variables applied to a check, they will be displayed for review and modification before processing. This will allow you to make changes to the preflight to better match the job being processed.