Report style

The Report style dropdown menu has seven options to choose from, depending on the type of report you need to generate. The options available are:

  1. Annotated Report: Generates a report with annotations.
  2. Low Resolution Annotated Report: Generates a report with annotations and low resolution images. Hence the size of this report is a little lesser than the Annotated Report.
  3. Secured Annotated Report: A dialog box appears asking you to enter a password and confirm it to generate the report (with annotations). Secured annotated report does not allow users to edit the report.
  4. Scaled Low Resolution Annotated Report (max A4): Generates a report which is annotated and the entire document is scaled and has low resolution. The size of the pages in the report will not exceed the A4 size and the images are also compressed to a smaller size. This may be useful in cases where you may require to generate smaller preflight reports on A4 for large format documents to send it through Email etc.
  5. Regular: Generates the normal preflight report.
  6. Minimum: Generates a report which contains minimal information (like Preflight Report and General File Information).
  7. Continuous: Generates a continuous report (that is, each topic is not commenced on a new page as in the Regular report).