Types of Smart Preflight Variables

There are two primary types of variables for PitStop Pro, "Constants" and "Rule Based". Following is a definition of both.

A constant variable field when applied to a preflight check will display a default value to the operator allowing them to override it before running that preflight check. Constants can be a text string, a number, a measurement or a Boolean (yes/no or on/off) value.
Rule Based
A "Rule Based" variable allows you to use a constant variable to determine the value change in another preflight check. This can help ensure checks that are dependent on other checks get modified while reducing the number of variables that an operator needs to consider when processing.

With PitStop Server, there is also the capability to use Rule Based variables and populate variables from XML or JDF data. This can allow an MIS or Web to Print solution to pass XML or JDF based parameters to PitStop Server adjusting preflights checks to match the current document. This type of dynamic processing is only available in PitStop Server.  Also, PitStop Server when used with Enfocus Switch can extend this support even further allowing variables to be extracted from any SQL database source.

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