Test or verify variables in a Variable Set

In the Enfocus Variable Set Editor, you can review and verify settings within a Variable Set to ensure the variables defined work as expected.

The intent of this feature is to allow you to try different values to ensure all variables and logic defined within Rule Based variables work as expected. This dialog does not change any settings within an actual variable, it is purely a preview.

To check a Variable Set select the Tester icon in the Enfocus Variable Set Editor. All the variables within the current Variable Set will be displayed with the values currently defined.

Within the Enfocus Variable Set Tester, the current variables are listed on the left with the default values on for each variable on the right with a Reset button to the right of the value to return a variable to it's default value.

Constant variable values (in black text) can be modified. Constant variable changed to a value other than the default will display in bold text. Placing your cursor over the variable name on the left will display a Tool Tip with the variable description.

If a Constant Variable is used within a Rule Based Variable as a trigger, changing the value of the Constant will cause the Rule Based variables to be calculated and the re-calculated values will be displayed. Any errors within a Rule Based variable will be shown in Red. Grayed out values indicate calculated values that are returned from Rules these are read only and cannot be edited.

Job Ticket variables from PitStop Server within a Variable Set will show as an error in PitStop Pro with no value shown.