Certified PDF Preflight

In the Preflight category in the Certified PDF Panel, you can define the Preflight Profile to be used, view the result of the preflight, preflight the document, etc.

In the top right corner of the Preflight category, the status is shown of the Preflight only (without the other Certified PDF aspects such as Original Documents and Preflight Profile Comparison).

For more information on Preflighting, see Preflighting and checking PDF documents


If the document hasn’t been preflighted yet, or if the document or the Preflight Profile has changed, you can use the Preflight button to run a Preflight, without checking all other aspects of the Certified PDF workflow

Show Result

If the PDF document is preflighted, you can view the Preflight Report by clicking the Show Result button.

Preflight Profile

The Preflight Profile field shows the selected Preflight Profile. You can remove it by clicking the Clear button. You can select a Preflight Profile by clicking the Select button.