Enfocus Inspector

  1. Click on the Show Inspector button to open the Enfocus Inspector dialog box.
  2. In this dialog box, click on Separations > Remap . Here you can swap any of the CMYK, Spot color, DeviceN, NChannel and Grey to any PANTONE colors.
  3. Select Cyan, Magenta, Yellow or Black.
  4. In the Remap to drop-down menu, select the color you want to remap to.

  5. The Remap to drop-down menu consists of the options Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black and Pick Color. When you select Pick Color option, the Spot Color Picker dialog box appears. Use this to choose any PANTONE color you want.
  6. When you select an object which has both fill and stroke, the Fill and the Stroke checkboxes will be activated. You can choose to remap either fill color or stroke color or both to any desired channel.
  7. Click the Apply button in the Enfocus Inspector dialog box to save the changes.