Convert to Color Space

Convert all colors in an image or document to a specific color space.

  1. Navigate to Global Change > Standard > Color > Convert to Color Space .
  2. Select an image/ file.
  3. Double click Convert to Color Space to open the Enfocus Global Change Editor: Convert to Color Space dialog box.

  4. In this dialog box you can convert all the colors in the image/ text to any of the following: Device gray, Device RGB, Device CMYK or Separation. For example, if your image is device RGB, you can convert all the colors of the image to device CMYK.
  5. When you select Separation, the color database is loaded so that you can pick a color from the Spot Color Picker dialog box.
  6. Select Force gray to keep same intensity check box if required. PitStop Pro will try to remap impure gray and black to black BEFORE converting to CMYK. This will, for example, result in RGB black text to convert to pure 100% K instead of a mix of all process colors.
  7. When you make any changes, the text on the Run button toggles to Save and Run.
  8. Click Save button to save settings or click Save and Run button to save the setting and also apply it to the selected image/ document.

    Users can choose to convert objects to spot using one of the following two methods:

    1) Using the Convert to Color Space you can choose to maintain the image details but with the risk of losing color intensity. Pixels with different colors will have different colors even after conversion. Therefore, the objects are first converted to gray space, after which they are converted to the separation color space. This action preserves contrast.

    2) Using the Snap color to color set action you can choose to maintain color intensity, with the risk of losing some image details (the target color might be a lighter shade, thus mapping a number of tints of the source color to the exact same target color). This action will not preserve contrast.