Guidelines for creating Action Lists

Basically, you create an Action List using the following steps:

  1. Make one or more selections.
  2. Specify operators (AND, NOT, OR) for your selections.
  3. Specify the required changes for the selections.

    Observe the following guidelines when creating Action Lists:

    • Changes only apply to selections. Therefore, make sure that you make the proper selections in your Action List first. If you have made no selections, some changes will be applied to everything in your PDF document (for example fonts) or changes will not be applied at all.
    • The operators (AND, NOT, OR) must not be entered between two or more selections, but after these selections (postfix notation). These operators apply to preceding selections.
    • If an operator is selected in the Action List Editor, the Actions (or group of actions) it affects, will be represented using a green and purple indicator.

      In the example above, the selected "OR" operator affects the "Select font Times New Roman" action (purple) and the combination of the first two lines and their "OR" operator (green)

    • The operators (AND, NOT, OR) are logical operators, which means that they have to be used in a strictly logical way. For example, if you want to select the fonts Times-Roman (Adobe Type 1) and Times New Roman (TrueType), you should not use the AND operator, but the OR operator (a font cannot be both Times-Roman and Times New Roman at the same time). You could use the AND operator, for example, to select all text in Times-Roman and the color of which is blue. Your Action List would then look as follows:

    • The OR and AND operators only apply to two preceding selections. Therefore, if you want to make more than two selections, you have to insert multiple operators at the appropriate places in the “stack” of selections. For example, if you want to select the fonts Times-Roman (Adobe Type 1), Times New Roman (TrueType) and their bold variants, your Action List should look as follows:

    • The NOT operator applies only to the preceding selection and can be used to exclude something from a selection. Unlike the OR and AND operators, the NOT operator only requires one selection. For example, if you want to change all fonts but Times-Roman in a PDF document to Times-Bold, your Action List would look as follows:

      In the above example, the Action List will change all fonts in PDF document to Times-Bold, but leave Times-Roman (regular) unchanged.