To create or edit an Action List

  1. Open the Action Lists panel by using any one of the methods explained earlier.
  2. Double-click an existing Action List to edit it, or click this button and choose New to create a new Action List.

    The Enfocus Action List Editor will open.

  3. Select General Information and set the Action List name, your name and company and a description of the Action List.
  4. Click the Expand button (<<) to add actions to your Action List.
  5. Select an Action in the list: You can select an Action from the Enfocus Preset Manager. See The Enfocus Preset Manager. You can find the action you need by:
    • choosing which kind of Action types you want to see, by setting one of the Action type buttons: All Actions, Selections, Changes, Checks or Informs.

    • browsing through the different groups of actions (e.g. Add, Color, Document, ...

    • using the Search field to search using a specific string, such as "remove".

    • A combination of the above

  6. Add the selected Action to the Action List, by:
    • Clicking the Add To Action List button

    • Double-clicking the action in the list

    • Clicking and dragging the action onto the Action List

  7. In the Enfocus Action List Editor, set or specify the attributes of the action.
  8. Select an Action from the list, and
    • click the button to remove it from the Action List

    • click the Up or Down button to move the selected Action up or down in the Action List. You can also click and drag an action to change its position in the list.

      Note: Running two or more Action Lists in a different order may produce a different result. You may want to test this first.
    • change the attributes for the selected action in the right-hand pane.

      Note: If you want to change the attributes of multiple actions, do not click OK after you have made a change to an action. When you have changed the attributes of an action, just select another action to change. The changes you made will be applied as soon as you select another action. If you click OK, the Enfocus Action List Editor will close and you will return to the Enfocus Processing - Action Lists panel.
  9. Click OK.