To change the transparency of objects

  1. Choose Window > Show Enfocus Inspector or click the Show Inspector button to display the Enfocus Inspector.
  2. Click the Fill and Stroke > Transparency category.
  3. Select the object of which you want to change the transparency.
  4. Do any of the following:
    • To change the transparency, move the Alpha Stroke or Alpha Fill slider.
    • If you make text transparent, you may want to select the Text knockout option. The inks of underlying objects, if any, will then be cut out on the other separa­tions.
    • To change the way in which the colors of the transparent object on top blend with the colors of underlying objects, add the required blending modes. Select one or more blending modes in the Available list and click the Add or Replace button to put them in the Selected list. The RIP will apply the blending modes in the order as they appear in the Selected list: If it cannot apply the blending mode which is on top of the list, it will try to apply the second one, and so on.
    Note: For more information about blending modes, visit the Adobe Web site ( or refer to the Help or documentation of your design applica­tion (Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress,...).