To compare sessions using the edit log

You can also use the edit log to compare two versions of your Certified PDF document. This is recommended if you know that changes have been made that are hardly visible on screen, such as overprint or trapping settings or changes in (hidden) layered objects.

  1. Choose Certified PDF > Show History.
  2. Select two session from the session list.

    The Using the Edit Log button is enabled.

  3. Click Using the Edit Log.

    The first snapshot is opened and the Enfocus Certified PDF Edit Log Navigator appears.

  4. Select one of the changes in the list.

    The document will show where the changes occurred by adding a transparent overlay to the object.

    Note: You can change the color of the transparent overlay in the Preferences. Choose Edit > Preferences > Enfocus StatusCheck and click the colored rectangle of the primary highlight color.
  5. Click the Toggle button to switch views between the first and the second snap­shot.

    The Edit Log Navigator displays only the changes for the current page in the document. If you go to another page in your PDF document, the Edit Log Navigator adjusts the list of changes to match the new page.