To make a Global Change

  1. Click the Enfocus Processing - Global Change button .

    The Enfocus Global Change panel appears, showing a list of Global Changes.

  2. Do any of the following:
    • Click the category All to see all Global Changes.
    • Click a specific category, for example Page, Image or Text, to see the Global Changes organized per category.
    • Type a keyword, or part of a keyword, in the Filter box to see the relevant Global Changes only. For example, type scaleto see the Global Changes which relate to scaling.
  3. Select a Global Change in the list.
  4. In the Run on part, select the page range in which you want to apply the Global Change.
  5. Specify when you need to see a report.
  6. Click the Run button if you want to run the Global Change without making or changing any setting. Otherwise, double-click the Global Change to open the Global Change Editor and configure your Global Change.
  7. Select the required options and specify the settings of the Global Change.
  8. Check the description of the Global Change in the Status box to see if all parameters are correct.
  9. Click Run or Save and Run to run the Global Change in the PDF document which you have currently open.
  10. Leave the Enfocus Global Change panel open and check the result of the Global Change in your PDF document.
  11. Do one of the following:
    • If the result is not okay, choose Edit > Enfocus Undo Global Change Execution or click the Undo button . Correct the settings of the Global Change.
    • If the result is okay and you plan to use this Global Change in the future as well, Save the Global Change, select it in the Global Change panel, click the action button and choose Save as Action List. Fill in the name and description of the Action List and click OK.