Using default attributes of text and line art for new objects

If you create new objects using one of the PitStop Pro tools, you may want these objects to have specific default attributes. For example, if you type new text in your PDF documentusing the Edit Text Line or Edit Paragraph tool, you may want this text to use the font Helvetica, 10 pt. Or, if you create a new rectangle or a new ellipse, you want these objects to have a specific fill and stroke color by default.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Open a PDF document which contains objects of which you want to use the attributes.
  2. Using the Select Objects tool , select text or line art in your PDF document.
  3. If necessary, choose Window > Show Enfocus Inspector or click the Show Inspector button to see and change the attributes (font, color, etc.) of the selected object.
  4. Choose Edit > Preferences > Enfocus PitStop Pro Preferences and select the Edit category.
  5. Click the Grab Text Style button or the Grab Line-art Style button to use the selected object’s attributes when you create new objects.
    Note: You can leave the Enfocus PitStop Pro Preferences panel open, select text and line art and set the respective preference.