To create an Action List by recording

  1. Open a (sample) PDF document in which you will do the actions you wish to record.
  2. Choose PitStop Pro > Action Lists .
  3. Click Manage... > New .

    The Enfocus Action List Editor appears.

  4. Fill in the General Information of the Action List: the Action List name, your name and company and a description of the Action List.
  5. Click the Start Recording button .

    The Start Recording button appears dimmed and the Stop Recording button becomes available. From now on, all actions you perform using the PitStop Pro tools will be recorded.

    Note: Make sure that you only use PitStop Pro tools and commands to perform actions. All operations you do using Adobe Acrobat tools or other plug-ins will not be recorded.
  6. Choose the commands, and perform the actions you want to record.
  7. To stop recording, click the Stop Recording button .
  8. Click OK.