To remap spot colors

PitStop Pro allows you to remap spot colors of the DeviceN color space of a pixel image to any other color in the PDF document or the User Swatches. Remapping spot colors can be useful if you have to make color separations of your PDF document. In that case, you can leave the original pixel image with the spot colors unchanged, but remap a specific spot color to a corresponding color in the CMYK color space.

  1. Open the PDF document in which you want to remap a spot color.
  2. Choose Tools > PitStop Inspect > Inspector on Acrobat X or choose Window > Show Enfocus Inspector in older versions of Acrobat or click the Show Inspector button to display the Enfocus Inspector.
  3. Click the Separations > Remap category.
  4. Using the Select Objects tool , select a pixel image in your PDF document which contains DeviceN spot colors.
  5. Select one of the spot colors that appear in the Remap Spot Colors area.
  6. Do one of the following:
    • To remap the selected color to a CMYK color or any other spot color present in the selected object, select the appropriate color from theRemap to list.
    • To remap the selected color to any other spot color, click Pick Color, and then select a color from a Color Libraryin the Color Picker.
  7. Click Apply.
    Note: Select Keep to reset the selected spot color as is or click the button Keep all to keep all the spot colors as they are.