To duplicate a spot color

You can duplicate objects containing a spot color and create a user-defined spot color with the same shape of the copied object. You can do this, for example, to create a spot varnish.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Open the PDF document in which you want to create a new spot color, based on the shape of a selected object.
  2. Using the Select Objects tool , select an object of which you wish to copy the shape.
  3. Choose Tools > PitStop Inspect > Inspector on Acrobat X or choose Window > Show Enfocus Inspector in older versions of Acrobat or click the Show Inspector button to display the Enfocus Inspector.
  4. Click the Separations > Varnish category.
  5. Click the + button.
  6. Fill in a name for the new spot color in the Edit area, for example Varnish.
  7. If necessary, select Overprint.
  8. Click Apply.