To convert a color using the Enfocus Convert Color Panel

  1. Using the Select Objects or Select Similar Objects tool  , click the text or line-art objects of which you want to change the color.

    You may want to use the Select Similar Objects tool  to select all the text or line-art objects on the page which have the same color.

  2. Choose Window > Show Enfocus Convert Color panel to display the Enfocus Con­vert Color panel.
  3. Define if you want to convert the Fill, the Stroke or Both
  4. Select the color space you want to convert the color to.
  5. If necessary, change the Source ICC Profile. Only the profiles for the Source color space will be available.
    Note: For gray objects, you can also select CMYK profiles, in order to treat gray as CMYK black.
  6. Set the Target ICC Profile. Only the profiles for the Target color space will be avail­able.
  7. Define the Rendering Intent to be used.
  8. If you select Force gray text and lineart to keep same intensity, PitStop Pro will try to remap impure gray and black to black BEFORE converting to CMYK. This will result e.g. for RGB black text to convert to pure 100% K instead of a mix of all process colors
  9. If you want to tag converted object with the target ICC profile, enable the option.
  10. Click Convert