To view and interpret a report

  1. Run a Preflight Check or an Action List on your document.

    The Enfocus Navigator appears.

  2. Click the plus sign (+) to expand the Report section.
  3. Select a report layout and click Show report.

    The report appears and the errors, warnings and fixes are listed on the first page.

  4. Using the Adobe Acrobat Hand Tool , do one of the following:
    • Click the magnifying glass next to an error, warning or fix to select and high¬≠light the corresponding object in the PDF document. You may want to use the Object Browser in combination with the Enfocus Inspector to see more details about a particular problem or to correct the problem immediately.
    • Click the information icon next to an error, warning or fix to see the Help topic. A dialog box may appear, asking you where you wish to view the Help topic (Open Weblink). If so, select In Web Browser.