Object Browser

You can use the Object Browser to view and highlight problems or potentially problem­atic objects one by one. You can click the or button to view the next or last object or problem, respectively. If necessary, you can also change the highlighting settings.

You may want to use the Object Browser in combination with the Enfocus Inspector to see more details about a particular problem or to correct the problem immediately.

For example, suppose you get an error saying that the resolution of three images in your PDF document is too high. You can proceed as follows:

  1. Use the Object Browser to view and highlight the images in question.
  2. Choose Window > Show Enfocus Inspector or click the Show Inspector button to display the Enfocus Inspector.
  3. In the Enfocus Inspector, click the Image > Properties category to see the actual resolution of the selected image.
  4. Click the Resample tab and decrease the resolution of the images to the required value.
  5. Click Restart Preflight in the Enfocus Navigator to update the list of errors, warn­ings and fixes.