To create a QuickRun

When creating or editing a QuickRun, the Enfocus QuickRun Editor will open.

  1. Type a Name and a Description for your QuickRun.
  2. To add one or more Action Lists, one or more Global Changes, or a Preflight Profile, click the Add button, and select the appropriate option.

  3. Do one of the following:
    • To add Action Lists, Global Changes or a Preflight Profile from your database, select From Database, and then select one or more Action Lists or Global Changes, or a single Preflight Profile
    • To add an Action List, Preflight Profile or Global Change from a hard disk or network drive, select From File, and then click Browse. Select the appropriate file and click Open.
  4. Click OK.

    The Action Lists, Global Changes and Preflight Profile appear in the Run box.

  5. Click the Move Up or Move Down button to set the sequence in which the Action Lists and Global Changes will be run.
    Note: Check the sequence of the Action Lists and Global Changes carefully because running the same actions in a different order may produce a different outcome. You may want to test this first by running the actions individually and check which sequence is correct.
  6. If necessary, select Certified PDF Preflight to start a Certified PDF workflow for your PDF documents.
  7. If a Preflight Profile is selected, you can decide if you want to Allow fixes from Preflight Profile . If fixes are disabled inside the Preflight Profile, this option will not be available.
  8. If necessary, select an Action List, Global Change or Preflight Profile and click the button to remove it from the QuickRun
  9. Select the page range in which you want to use the Quickrun or click Selection.
  10. If necessary, select Show results.

    The results will be shown in the Enfocus Navigator.

  11. Click OK.