To change the font properties of text

  1. Choose Window > Show Enfocus Inspector or click the Show Inspector button to display the Enfocus Inspector.
  2. Click the Text category.
  3. Select text using one of the following tools:
    • The Select Objects or Select Similar Objects tool
    • The Edit Text Line   or Edit Paragraph tool

    Notice that the Enfocus Inspector changes accordingly, depending on the tool you are using to select the text.

  4. Do any of the following:
    • To change the font of the selected text, click Font Picker, select a font from the page, document or your computer system and click OK.
    • If necessary, adjust the font size, the character spacing or word spacing.
    • To change the alignment of the text, use the Edit Paragraph tool  and click in the text. Select the Paragraph Alignment in the Enfocus Inspector.
    Figure 1. Paragraph alignment: left

    Figure 2. Paragraph alignment: justified