Using the Enfocus Variable Set Editor

  1. In the SETUP section, click the General label and define the name and description.
  2. Click the + button to add the New variable label to the VARIABLES section.
  3. Click the New variable label to view the fields related to it in the right pane.
    1. Enter the Name and the User Readable Name in the Variable Definition section.
    2. Select Inline value (the default) for the Type drop-down menu to enter an explicit value in the Value text field of the Variable Value section. Select Number, Length, String or Boolean for the value.
    3. Select Rule Based for the Type drop-down menu. The Variable Value section displays the property editor which allows defining a condition that combines multiple comparisons, using IF-ELSE statements. Each comparison is represented as a separate row.
    4. To add a comparison row: Select the variable in the first drop-down menu and select the condition in the second drop-down menu. Enter the value in the textbox and click the AND or the OR button to add the desired logical operator. A new comparison row is added.
    5. To remove a comparison row: Click the Remove button present at the end of that row.
    6. Press the Shift key to view additional options.
    7. Click the Copy button to copy the existing statement and reuse. Click the Delete button to delete a statement.
    8. Click the ELSE button to append a new set of comparison rows.
    9. You can also configure for a scenario when none of the conditions previously set match: Select the Generate a failure radio button or select the Use this value radio button and choose On or Off in the drop-down menu.
  4. Click the Save button to save these settings.
See Smart Preflight for more information on configuring Variable Sets and smart preflighting.