Loading the deactivation response

Once you are back at the machine running PitStop Server, do the following to load the deactivation response file:

  1. Open the Deactivate License Wizard (on PC) or the Deactivate License Assistant (on Mac) by either:
    • going to the License tab of the About Enfocus PitStop Server window and clicking Deactivate,

    • going to Help > License > Activate.

  2. Click Next / Continue in the first screen of the Deactivate License Wizard/Assistant dialog box.
  3. Select Off-line deactivation and click Next / Continue.
  4. Select Step 2: Load a deactivation response and click Next / Continue.
  5. Browse to the response file you copied from the machine with full Internet access and click Next / Continue.
    Attention: Select the response file you downloaded from the website (response.xml) and not the deactivation request file you uploaded.

    A status bar will appear while the system processes the response file.

  6. A product key (HTML) file is created. You will need this file to activate the license for this product key on another computer.
    1. Click Save As / Select... to save the file.
    2. In the Save As dialog box, navigate to the desired location, enter a name for the file, and click Save.

    Make sure to note the location and name for future reference.

  7. Click Next / Continue.

    A message will appear that the deactivation was completed successfully.

  8. Click Finish / Done.

    The license will no longer appear in the About Enfocus PitStop Server window.