Automated barcodes / QR codes for tracking, shipping and personalization

William Buckingham, president, XChange US

This workshop will demonstrate how to use command line tools to dynamically create and attach traditional and modern barcode topologies to PDF files in Switch workflows. The discussion will also demonstrate the use of command line tools to perform high-speed conversion of PDF pages that contain barcodes to images. These pages can then be scanned with other command line tools to validate the legibility of the barcodes used. The resulting barcode value returned can optionally be used to automatically perform MIS or shipping system updates.

What you'll learn

  • Getting the most from Barcodes to for job tracking and shipping.
  • Dynamic QR Code generation for personalized printing.
  • Validate Barcodes against external data sources for guaranteed results.

About William Buckingham

William BuckinghamWilliam Buckingham is the President of XChange US in North America—leading supplier of PDF workflow and automation tools, publishing applications and other productivity utilities. William has worked for more than 30 years helping thousands of companies worldwide achieve greater control and profitability with the implementation of workflow, automation and productivity technologies.