Automated image processing with Switch and ImageMagick

William Buckingham, president, XChange US

This workshop will demonstrate how to use advanced features in ImageMagick to create separated TIFF output from PDF files, create assembled color PDF composites and how to work with Switch variables, ImageMagick/GhostScript and command line tools to examine and modify image metadata and consistently create archive-ready images.

What you'll learn

  • High quality, robust file conversion using ImageMagick and GhostScript.
  • Automated options for scaling and separation using ICC profiles.
  • Edit Meta Information in a wide variety of image formats.
  • Automatic Image Archiving in a standardized format.

About William Buckingham

William BuckinghamWilliam Buckingham is the President of XChange US in North America—leading supplier of PDF workflow and automation tools, publishing applications and other productivity utilities. William has worked for more than 30 years helping thousands of companies worldwide achieve greater control and profitability with the implementation of workflow, automation and productivity technologies.