Big returns from little flows

Andrea Mahoney, workflow integrator, Tribay Enterprise

This session will focus on the best practices for creating automated workflows. Ensure efficient Database communication, streamlined network usage, reduced duplication of files and redundancy.

What you'll learn

  • Learn to communicate with your database efficiently. Transactional work must be automated but a little planning can reduce the number of hits your database takes for each job.
  • Learn to plan a strategy to optimize disk and network resources when creating workflows. Workflows software allows you to create complex flows. Learn how to streamline large flows and reduce potentional bottlenecks.
  • Keep flows simple. Learn tricks to perform calculations, searches and dynamic data selection.

About Andrea Mahoney

Andrea MahoneyAndrea Mahoney is an Information Systems graduate with a database programming background. She joined the graphic arts industry in 1990. Her work with graphic arts resellers and her production experience in packaging, specialty print, book publishing and commercial printing has provided the foundation to use technology to automate manufacturing. In 2005 she started TriBay, a workflow integration company that quickly evolved upon her discovery of new automation tools like Switch. She specializes in automating workflows for print production, bindery and fulfillment along with integration for online systems and MIS.