Data-driven workflows
in a Switch environment

William Buckingham, president, XChange US

Learn how to harness the power of job tickets, database queries and barcodes to automate data-entry and decision making processes in your production workflow. You’ll see how the Metadata, Database and Scripting Modules enable Switch to provide your files with the ‘intelligence’ needed to reduce manual manipulation and touch points. File intelligence also enables workflows to leverage the Smart Preflight capabilities at the heart of PitStop Server. Smart Preflight allows all Profiles and Action Lists to be 'personalized' on a per file basis to ensure the most effective PDF verification and correction in the industry.

What you'll learn

  • Discover how to work with job ticket information within the Switch workflow environment
  • Understand how Switch reduces manual re-keying by connecting to your existing data sources
  • See how you can use conventional and QR barcoding to help streamline finishing and shipping
  • Learn how to use file intelligence to drive Smart Preflight

About William Buckingham

William BuckinghamWilliam Buckingham is the President of XChange US in North America—leading supplier of PDF workflow and automation tools, publishing applications and other productivity utilities. William has worked for more than 30 years helping thousands of companies worldwide achieve greater control and profitability with the implementation of workflow, automation and productivity technologies.