Great color begins in prepress

Jason Darrah, Prisco Digital

Color management is a key contributing factor in assuring print quality and consistency in print production. While we know that color management of the RIP and calibration and profiling of the print engine are crucial, poor color reproduction can still occur. The color management process must start in Prepress. Incoming file color attributes must be identified and normalized to known color standards. This seminar will assist you in setting-up a color managed workflow starting in Prepress stage.

What you'll learn

  • "Review the four basic concepts of color management.
  • Demonstrate a traditional workflow vs a color managed workflow and compare the results.
  • Discuss managing color in Prepress using the Adobe Applications and Enfocus Pitstop Pro"

Who can benefit from this session?

  • Print owners
  • Sales professionals
  • Prepress supervisors
  • Prepress operators
  • Printer operators

About Jason Darrah

Jason Darrah has in-depth knowledge of graphics software, digital workflows and color management developed over a 18 year career working for wide format, digital, commercial and flexo printing companys.