Navigating the traps and pitfalls of the web-to-print jungle and winning

Steve Ciesemier, Aleyant Systems, LLC

It’s a jungle out there. With the right map and proper tools, print service providers can avoid getting eaten alive and return with "Amazon Gold". Bring a backpack!  Pick the right jungle path. Learn the top 5 ways to use web-to-print as a corporate sales tool and competitive advantage. Avoid quicksand. Discover the #1 and #2 mistakes PSP's make with a B2B.  Know where the gold is. See the ROI sweet spots for web-to-print B2B print sites. Return with the gold. Kick it into gear with an effective post-sale followup.

About Steve Ciesemier

Ciesemier brings 20 years of experience in web-based, workflow solutions for the printing industry. In 1995, he was part of a team that pioneered the first commercial web-to-print system for print shops. In 2010 he joined Aleyant, where he has been part of its international expansion and workflow initiatives.