OBA's becoming another dimension!

Mark Bohan, VP technology and research
Julie Shaffer, VP digital strategies

Printing Industries of America

Optical brighteners (OBA) create a brighter “blue” white and are found in an increasing number of commercially available papers today. However, OBAs have a major effect on color of the print from a visual and measurement perspective. This impacts the ability to match customers’ expectations. This is an issue with the whole production process, we are providing what the customer wants. In this session, a panel of industry experts will outline the technical issues causes by OBAs and explain what you can do to minimize those issues, including an update on the latest spectral equipment. 


About Mark Bohan

Mark BohanDr. Mark Bohan is VP, technology and research, Printing Industries of America. He oversees all technical research, graphic services, environmental health & safety, & consulting. He is TAGA’s Managing Director, a speaker and author, and is active in printing, paper, and coating research. He has been involved with the development of graphic arts ISO standards for over 10 years and is a U.S. expert on ISO TC130. 

About Julie Shaffer

Julie ShafferJulie Shaffer is VP, Digital Strategies at Printing Industries of America; and is an author, trainer, presenter, and consultant. She heads up the Integrated Print Center, overseeing all of Printing Industries’ conference programs. Shaffer has a 20-plus year background in communication media and is well known for her graphic production expertise.