PitStop 13 safari

Andrew Bailes-Collins, Enfocus

Join Andrew Bailes-Collins, senior product manager for Pitstop, as he takes you through a tour of the all new Pitstop Pro 13. In this session, he’ll review new features such as custom error messages, preflight restrictions, and all new functionality for adding bleeds to PDFs. A must see for anyone in prepress or PDF file production. 

What you'll learn

  • Automatically fix missing bleed in PDF files
  • Output Preflight reports with customized error messages
  • Restrict Preflight checks to certain parts of a PDF file

Who will benefit from this session

  • PitStop Pro users
  • PitStop Server users

About Andrew Bailes-Collins

Andrew has an extensive background in prepress production. He worked for several vendors as a prepress specialist and in management positions at various reprographic and printing companies where he was an early adopter of CTP and PDF workflow. He also worked for many years at OneVision Software in technical and product management positions. Andrew joined Enfocus two years ago and is the product manager for PitStop Pro and PitStop Server.