The what, when, why of automation

Cory Sawatzki, Spotlight Print Consulting

Everyone wants to talk about automation. Why not? By its very definition it is the technology that will allow you to do everything automatically! People want to enjoy the benefits of decreased hands-on work (and the errors it introduces), and increased productivity. I will cover the What, When, and Why of Automation in this session. Based on work with, literally, hundreds of printing companies and many years of success; I will bring you what we find is the easiest way to get into automation. We’ll tell you what parts of your business to focus on, the order in which to focus on them, and explain the thoughts (and proof!) behind those solutions. We will cover manufacturing capabilities, culture, types of clients, and tools for the job.Don't miss this session! Audience participation is encouraged!

What you'll learn

  • What to automate, and why
  • The order in which to approach your goals
  • Some success stories that you can be inspired by

About Cory Sawatzki

Cory Sawatzki is the Owner/Founder of Spotlight Print Consulting, based in Nashville, Tennessee. A 20 year veteran with experience in the full range of printing technologies, Sawatzki’s extensive work has allowed companies to maximize efficiency, establish quality control, and deliver flawless, client-pleasing offset, digital, and hybrid production  -- resulting in higher productivity, customer retention, and new revenue streams. At Consolidated Graphics, Sawatzki was the primary contact for plant owners and their personnel regarding all prepress and production. From comprehensive evaluation, system/workflow design and purchasing through to integration of state-of-the art color managed and automated production flows, Sawatzki helped every plant retain its individuality while priming each for growth within the resource-rich Consolidated environment. Sawatzki is a United States Air Force veteran, and holds a degree in Computer Science from University of California – Berkeley.