Variable print means variable folding

Lance Martin, MBO America

Variable print requires a truly variable folding solution. The best solution allows users to mix size formats within the same stream.  In this session, MBO America discusses how to vary folder set up -- on the fly -- with the format of the job driving the production of the finishing line.  Learn how paper savings, non-sorted data streams, and single operator manning are all possible, from small formats to large. 

About Lance Martin

Lance MartinLance comes to MBO America with 30 years of experience in the printing industry. The Illinois native began his career with Mechanical Engineering roles at RR Donnelley and other, major system vendors, where he gained experience in both press and finishing production. He found his technical background an asset when he made a successful transition to sales and management with WPM, Gunther International, Jardis Industries and MCSI; focused on inline finishing, web controls, secure document finishing, press auxiliaries and system applications.