Wide-format 101

Richard Romano, senior analyst, WhatTheyThink.com

Wide-format printing is being touted as the next big adventure for commercial shops and a logical extension of work that they are already doing. Is it? What do you need to know to get started in wide-format? What are the technologies, the applications, the inks, and the substrates? This session will not only be a primer on wide-format in general, but also an honest assessment of the opportunities and challenges involved in moving into the wide-format space.

What you'll learn

  • An overview of the technology(ies) of wide-format printing.
  • The business opportunities that wide-format printing can give a shop.
  • The challenges involved in getting into the side-format market.

About Richard Romano

Richard RomanoRichard Romano is a senior analyst for WhatTheyThink.com and curator of WTT’s Wide-Format news and analysis site. He is also a contributor to many other industry publications including Wide-Format Imaging and the SGIA Journal. He is the author or co-author of almost a dozen books, the latest of which—written with Dr. Joe Webb—are This Point Forward: The New Start the Marketplace Demands and The Home Office That Works! Make Working at Home a Success—A Guide for Entrepreneurs and Telecommuters.