Wouldn't it be great if you could
hold your operators responsible
for color output?

Dave Hunter, Principal, Pilot Marketing

No matter the output device, following this methodology will allow an operator to be accountable for all color output on any device. Providing Operators with the Tools, Training and Time which will allow them to be accountable for Color Results on any output device.


On Digital Devices, a maximum of two prints and two measurements are all that are necessary for an operator to pin point any color problem to one of three categories

1) Mechanics of the device including calibration status

2) Color Conversion of the RIP or Prepress

3) File itself was not built correctly for the given Printing Aim.


In regard to conventional press operators, hitting the correct colors for Primaries and "normal" dot gain (TVI) is critical to ensure the press is printing correctly. This session will cover both scenarios and show examples on how the operators can take control and direct responsibility for their output devices to provide a more accurate and precise result which will satisfy customers. There is no sense printing anything that is NOT correct.


This session will help you understand the 3 T's that are required- Correct Tools, Training and Time to assess the output to know that it conforms to the required Printing AIm within the required Tolerance.

What you'll learn

  • How to determine the level of accuracy required for your job.
  • Understand the difference between Precision and Accuracy.
  • How to assess an output device for G7 Color Conformance.
  • How to assess if an output device is matching it's "Baseline/normal" condition.
  • How to assess spot color conformance.
  • How to assess spot color simulation conformance (digital output).


About Dave Hunter

Dave HunterDavid Hunter has been passionately involved in print reproduction for the past 30 years, and helps his customers become self sufficient, high quality print organizations that differentiate themselves in the industry. He taught the PIA/GATF Implementing Color Management Workshop attended by over 1100 students, he was one of the first G7 Experts, and is one of five G7 Expert Trainers in the world. He wrote and directed the IDEAlliance Color Management Professional On-LIne course available today.