From the early days of image assembly on light tables to today’s revolution in automated imposition, Dynagram has made the trade before creating the standard. Just like any prepress team, we have stressed over impossible deadlines, cursed bad customer files, and battled with emergency downtimes. We share your work under the gun—and your passion for print.

Founded in 1994, Dynagram is the technology powerhouse behind a wide choice of open imposition solutions, transforming imposition from a manual, time-consuming part of the print process into a digital, automated workflow centerpiece that not only helps prepress teams increase efficiency but also impacts on the client’s bottom line. Commercial printers, service bureaus and design firms around the world choose Dynagram’s imposition software because of our flexible and user-friendly approach to imposition. 

Dynagram is proud to count leading prepress and equipment manufacturers as our partners in delivering tailored imposition solutions that meet the needs of today’s printers. 

Dynagram’s worldwide network of certified distributors and resellers provide timely, personalized sales and support services. Dynagram has offices in San Diego, CA and Quebec City, Quebec.


Verbundene Lösungen


Flexible Imposition for Digital, Offset and Web Printers

What is inpO2 (in-poe-two)?

inpO2 is a powerful, modular PDF imposition software, built right into the familiar environment of Acrobat. As a modular imposition solution, you can pick the right features to meet your production needs and budget.

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Which inpO2 Edition is right for you?

inpO2+ (Wizard + Layout Editor + Optimization + Automation + JDF)