HP SmartStream Production Center

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HP SmartStream Production Center helps you more efficiently manage production, allowing you to:

  • Gain full insight into the real-time state of production through the use of configurable dashboards
  • Automatically plot the entire production process with JDF/JMF integration to DFEs and presses
  • Leverage open architecture and SDKs for easy integration
  • Optimize production by defining priorities, identifying bottlenecks, and predicting workload


SmartStream Production Center JDF Control

Available for Compatible with HP SMS Production Center 1.0 and later.

Creation of JDF tickets for automated submission of jobs to the SmartStream Production Center application.

Example flows

Send JDF MIME package over HTTP

The HP JDF Configurators have the ability to output content as a MIME package.  This combines a JDF ticket and asset file in one self-contained package to simplify submission to the HP SmartStream applications.  This flow further simplifies this process by submitting the MIME package over HTTP to the SmartStream server.  This removes any issues with file sharing/access rights between the Enfocus Switch server and HP SmartStream server.

Send REST Query

The REST API interface on HP SmartStream Production Center allows you to collect various detailed production information in either XML, JSON or CSV formats.  This flow will automatically query HP SmartStream Production Center on a given time interval and collect the information for use in automation of production information in downstream flows.  Note that this flow requires you to configure the Production Center Hostname value to point to your server.  The REST API has very flexible filtering and querying capabilities, please reference our REST API SDK for further information on capabilities.

Send JMF Query and capture response as MetadataSolution

This flow will let you send various JMF queries to find out status of current jobs, attached devices or resources.  The flow will capture the JMF response as an XML file that can then be picked up in a JDF/XML pickup element and used to drive automation downstream.  Note that this flow requires you to configure the JMF URL to point to your SmartStream application.  Please reference our JDF SDK kits for further information on JMF capabilities.