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Trueflow SE

Trueflow SE makes it easy for you to create an end-to-end print production management workflow. Trueflow SE is the core of rueflownet, Screen's innovative JDF-based business solution. Featuring the latest JDF and PDF technology, Trueflow SE is designed to drive both computer-to-plate (CTP) production and digital printing presses efficiently.
Using JDF-based job tickets, Trueflow SE integrates everything from incoming job handling to prepress, proofing and the output for CTP. In addition to meeting all the requirements of your CTP workflow, Trueflow SE enables you to build an advanced process automation workflow that encompasses the entire print production workflow, from your management information system (MIS) to press and postpress processing.
Trueflow SE supports the latest file formats, and has a new color management system that employs advanced artificial intelligence to enhance the conversion of RGB images for CMYK workflows. Thanks to a new drag-and-drop graphical user interface (GUI), Trueflow SE is easy to learn and use.
Trueflow SE incorporates the Enfocus Certified PDF technology and preflighting engine.


EQUIOS Online is the latest generation of Screen’s automated online proofing and approval solution for the Trueflow SE workflow. An innovative service you can offer your clients, EQUIOS Online provides 24/7 remote access to your prepress system.
From a web browser on any PC or tablet computer, users submit digital files into the prepress production workflow, proof layouts and approve final pages prior to CTP output. Utilizing the already processed output files from Trueflow SE, EQUIOS Online ensures that what you see is what you get on the press.
New data creation functions increase EQUIOS Online’s value as a tool for developing new business opportunities. These next-generation functions support the production of e-books, as well as the development of digital content for mail order catalogs and flyers. In addition, EQUIOS Online simulates hard copy prints in 3D, facilitating virtual book proofing. The Book View function allows users to review proofs in page turner mode.