Tuesday October 17, 2017

3 poster design tips guaranteed to create impact

Designing a successful poster is no easy feat. There are millions of posters out there,  each competing for the public's attention. What’s more, designing a great poster is a threefold challenge: It not only has to have immediate impact and stop busy consumers in their tracks, it must also contain the relevant "take-aways", the information that inspires them to take a desired action. And last but not least, the design has to look equally awesome in large format as it does in regular print.

This article lines up three fail-proof poster design tips for every graphic designer looking to create a buzz!

1. Jack and Jill went down the hill

In Western society, people generally observe an image by moving their eyes from the upper left corner to the lower right corner. This is why traffic signs show the lower side of a slope on the left and the higher part on the right when a road goes uphill, and vice versa when it goes downhill. So, unless you want your audience to miss out on important information, it is wise to compose your poster design accordingly. Make sure there is a striking visual that draws the eye from the upper left corner all the way to the lower right corner where the most important information is displayed.

2. Turn up the contrast full blast

However artsy and classy a monotone colour palette with soft gradients may look, bold colours and high contrast are a must if you want to grab the consumer’s attention. Go crazy! Experiment!

3. Preflight your poster design

Evidently, posters tend to be quite large and the larger the canvas, the smaller the room for error. A poster with white edges, heavy pixilation or colours that look ‘off’, is no pretty sight, not to mention a total waste of time and money! Preflighting your poster design is crucial if you want to make sure your poster – or billboard – turns out exactly as it looks on your monitor.

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