Wednesday May 03, 2017

6 tips for a great sticker design that sticks out 

Stickers are as old as advertising itself. Well, almost. Did you know that the first sticker was created by R. Stanton Avery in 1935? Or at least that’s what is commonly assumed. Anyway, what we’re trying to say is that if you want to get your brand to stick out (pun intended), a great sticker design will go a long way. You know, for your labels. Or your customers’ car bumpers. Or, why not, to cover that huge wall in your reception area. So, let’s get started!  

Tip #1: Think your colours through 

Evidently, when designing stickers to promote certain products or services your main goal is to increase brand visibility. You want to draw the customer’s attention but at the same time you mustn’t forget to reflect your brand’s visual identity. Opt for colours that are as bright as possible, but also consistent with your brand colours and the rest of your brand’s promotional tools (banners, posters, brochures, …).  

Tip #2: A great sticker design is a simple design 

Don’t be tempted to cram every bit of information you can into your sticker design. That’s what websites and brochures are for. An eye catching sticker design is simple, memorable and to-the-point. Including a Call-To-Action (CTA) is a wonderful idea, but keep it short and sweet!  

Extra tip 

CTAs in the form of QR codes are great way to refer your target audience to every bit of information they need without overloading your sticker design.  

Tip #3: Design your sticker in CMYK 

Designing your sticker in RGB mode is a disaster waiting to happen. Keep in mind that print processes use CMYK colours, so unless you design your sticker in CMYK or convert your RGB design to CMYK before you send it to the printer, chances are your stickers’ colours will look way off.  

Tip #4: A great sticker design requires a great resolution 

If you’re designing a large-format sticker, you need at least 300 pixels per inch (ppi) if you want a high-quality print. Use vector images if you want to play it even safer.  

Tip #5: Let it all bleed out 

Adding a bleed area to your sticker design is crucial to avoid white borders after trimming. 

Tip #6: Preflight with PitStop 

An exceptional sticker design requires more than a skilful graphic designer with a great idea.

Do you want to make absolutely sure your design will look as great in print as it does on your screen?

Use a preflight tool to check your design for errors. Pitstop Pro both checks and fixes your PDF files with the click of a button, so you can rest assured that what you see is what you’re actually going to get

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