Friday September 21, 2018

Are you web-to-printing large format yet? Turn it into a USP!

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One of the greatest innovations in today’s large format printing industry, web-to-print is transforming the way printers do business. Or, better said, the way many printers could be doing business. Despite the endless opportunities web-to-print creates, poor system integration and a lack of awareness are still slowing down mass-market adoption considerably. This article lines up the most critical success factors for any web-to-print service.

Don’t just use a web-to-print system. Sell it!

While giving customers more control over their prints, web-to-print also relieves both printers and print buyers of various unnecessary hassles. It does wonders for your printing business’ bottom line as it significantly reduces prepress costs. But implementing web-to-print alone won’t make print buyers flock to your online ordering system. Educating customers on the benefits web-to-print offers them is vital.

Good to know: Switch effortlessly transforms your automation system into a web-to-print system.

4 crucial benefits of web-to-print

  1. The Switch Web Services Module enables printers to build a web-to-print system around their automation system. Set standard templates for customers to use when uploading jobs. It’s a nifty way to control the creation of their jobs during upload and to ensure all fonts, links, … are embedded correctly. So long, last-minute phone calls and lengthy email conversations. Hello, perfectly print-ready documents!
  2. Next to providing customers with an easy-breezy submission process, an efficient web-to-print system also automatically keeps them in the loop regarding the status of their jobs. Automatic notifications, anyone? Yes, please!
  3. Did you know Switch and PitStop Pro are practically made for each other? When a customer uploads a large format job that, for instance, requires grommet holes, Switch makes sure PitStop Pro adds the grommet holes automatically.
  4. Integrating Switch also reduces production time tremendously. Once uploaded, jobs are automatically sent to the right press in the most optimal order.

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