Jeffrey Philips

Jeff Phillips is a Senior Product Specialist for Enfocus, providing support to a global audience including on-site trainings, on-line webinars and much more.

He’s also become known as the famous “voice” featured in the most recent Enfocus video tutorials.  Prior to joining Enfocus, Phillips was renowned throughout the United States for promoting best practices and industry standards within the Graphic Arts and Commercial Newspaper industries, all the while an active advocate of Enfocus solutions.

Blog posts by Jeffrey Philips

11 Oct 2017

Transparency in PDF: printing without those white lines

Transparency in PDF has been around since 2001, but still seems to be one of those technologies that people are uncomfortable using. To a lot of people (graphic designers included) transparency in PDF and the white lines it tends to generate on the monitor are a mystery, so we often get support questions and see forum posts about transparency issues. Allow us to give you chapter and verse on transparency, and on white lines in particular.

23 Nov 2016

The power of colour psychology – do you know your stuff?

If you’re even slightly involved in advertising or marketing, we needn’t convince you that colour greatly affects consumer behaviour. Do you think you know all the dos and don’ts when it comes to colour, brands and packaging? Read our overview and find out!

9 Aug 2016

Thinking outside the page box: a guide to PDF page boxes

Support engineer Jeff explains what PDF page boxes are all about, and how you can check them in PitStop Pro.

21 Mar 2016

How to fix PDF bleed problems with PitStop Pro

Enfocus support engineer Jeff takes you through everything you need to know about fixing bleed in PitStop Pro.